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Zach McKay

Greater Europe Mission

We believe Europe is the most overlooked mission field in the world.

The need for the Gospel in Europe has never been greater than it is now. Europe is a post-Christian continent where some churches sit empty and others preach a social Gospel with no mention of the life changing power of Jesus Christ.

Not only do most Europeans go without ever hearing the message of the Good News of Christ, most will never even meet a follower of Jesus. According to the Joshua Project, post-Christian Europe is home to the fewest Christ followers and is the most unreached continent on the planet.

My Story

I am a native San Diegan with a love for God and passion for serving others. Since 2006 I have served in worship and youth ministries like AWANA, using my talents as an artist and a teacher. I was excited after many short-term trips over the years to join the mission field long-term in 2020 with Greater Europe Mission (GEM). Together we are striving to reach Europe by multiplying disciples and growing Christ's Church in order to see God expand his kingdom through all peoples of Europe to the world. Frankfurt am Main, Germany is my base of operations. I lead within my local church Mosaik Nord, collaborate and create with the GEM Storytelling Team, and participate in the larger Focus City effort to share the gospel through connecting with local partners, growing our capacity to serve, and catalyzing movements.

Europe is the most unreached place in the world with a Christian population of roughly only 2%. Europe is so post-Christian it is pre-Christian. Germany's influence tends to shape the rest of Europe. Not only is it a geographical center, it is also a political, social, and financial center, making Frankfurt the perfect strategic hub for proclaiming the Good News. By making disciples there, we are expanding our reach to other parts of the globe.

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Visit my website to stay up to date on God's activity in Europe!

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