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Rev. Jayakumar

Bible Believing Churches and Missions

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Rev. Jay lives and ministers in Bangalore, India. In 1986, after three years of prayer, and counseling from others, he began a ministry now known as Bible Believing Churches and Missions. The overarching goal of BBCM is to plant Bible centered, indigenous, disciple-making churches in India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka. BBCM uses several strategies to meet this goal:


  • Church Planting Initiatives — planting indigenous reproductive churches nationwide.

  • Academy For Church Planting and Leadership — the training division of BBCM offering Bachelors, Masters and Advanced Research degrees in the field of Missiology and Leadership Development.

  • Springbuds — homes for children that have been neglected or abandoned. There are two homes-one for elementary school aged children, starting at 4 years old, and one that houses middle and high school aged kids..

  • Eduquench — caters to children's education up to high school. Most children in India are uneducated because of their parents inability to support their education. This results in social inequalities and also greatly contributes to child labor.

  • Proquest — a strategy to fund and develop professionals in business and science. With these professionals working in the secular environment, earning commensurate pay, their commitment would be to contribute back to the ministry needs of BBCM in South Asia.


Bonita Valley Baptist Church
4701 Sweetwater Rd. Bonita, CA 91902


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